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In a fairly small game, I have everything updating (sprites, velocities,backgrounds ect.) in on large scheduled update method. I was wondering if there was a performance difference between just having one large scheduled update, or several ones only updating a couple sprites each?

I was also wondering if there a performance difference between:

    sprite.position = ccpAdd(sprite.postion, (delta*10, delta*5));


    sprite.position = ccp(sprite.position.x + delta*10, sprite.position.y + delta*5);

Is there a performance difference between assigning positions via ccp vs CGPointMake?

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None that matters.

If you really, really want to know, measure it.

Those are minutiae. It's like asking if your car goes faster after waxing it. It might, it might not. In 99.99999% it simply doesn't matter because the difference is negligible and other contributing factors have much more weight (car: traffic and road conditions / game: drawing stuff on the screen).

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ccpAdd is resolved to ccp which is then resolved to CGPointMake so they are identical in your compiled code. They are all #define so it is done in the preprocessor.

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Indeed, ccpAdd & ccp are identical in your compiled code.

As for your performance problem, if you have a lot of sprites to update you may want to spawn a background thread to do part of your updating there. performSelectorInBackground:withObject: and don't forget to add the code in an autorelease pool

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