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How can I make trigger to read from two separated attribute in two different tables and then calculate something .

this is the code I want to make but the mysql says it has problem

CREATE TRIGGER `fee_calculate` BEFORE INSERT ON `BookingRoom`
SET NEW.fee = `Booking.Night_Qty` *  `Room.RoomPrice` ;
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In Postgres, you would use a trigger function for that. I don't know the syntax to do that in MySQL. – Flimzy Jan 3 '13 at 3:51
Is BookingRoom an association table? If so you definitely want to do this as an AFTER INSERT, not a before. You will need to select the associated values from Booking and Room, respectively. – Perception Jan 3 '13 at 4:21
What does Booking.Night_Qty and Room.RoomPrice stands for? – Saharsh Shah Jan 3 '13 at 5:20

I Think It Should Help You

I made some assumptions:

  1. I assumed you wanted to update the reorders table with a productID that matches the Products table. (you can do an insert but may run into PK issues depending on how you have your table set up).
  2. I assumed that the reorder amount will be placed there.
  3. I did NOT include transaction statements, I would recommend adding these so it's logged.

CREATE trigger updateprod on Products for update as begin declare @qtyonhand int, @reorder int if update(QtyonHand) begin select @qtyonhand = QtyonHand,@reorder = ReorderAmount from inserted if @qtyonhand < @reorder begin update Reorders set ReorderAmount = @reorder, ReorderDate = getdate() end else if @qtyonhand >= @reorder begin delete from reorders where ProductID = ProductID end end end

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