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I have 3 site.

  • Site A : Just a login form.
  • Site B : an Icewarp webmail
  • Site C : Lotus domino mail

For now, i dont want include Site C in my question. It just for Site A and Site B

I want when a user login to Site A and then, automatically redirected to Site B. How do i pass the credential safely without the username and password being displayed?

My current script is below : This is the script when user login to Site A, and then passing the credential.

if ($mailhost == "icewarp")
                            Header("refresh:0;url=Site B icewarp URL/webmail/index.html?!#$pid:$credential");
                    elseif ($mailhost == "domino")
                           Header("refresh:0;url=Site C Domino URL/mail/domadmin.nsf?Login&Username=$pid&Password=$credential");

The system is working fine, but the problem is user credential is being displayed on address bar. How do i send user credential in alternate way?

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You might want to encrypt the credentials. Probably is the only truly secure way.

You can encrypt it with: mcrypt-encrypt. Then, decrypt with: mcrypt-decrypt

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You could try and POST the values to the Domino login form as opposed to placing them in the address bar which forms a GET request.

For PHP - Three different was to make a POST request.

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