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Matching images links containing spaces

my code is:

preg_match_all('#(?:<\>]+href=\")?(?:http://)?(http(s?)://([^\s]*)\.(jpg|gif|png))#',$imagelinks, $group_imagelink);
echo $group_imagelink[1][0];
 echo $group_imagelink[1][1];

and content is (line-wrapped, originally in a single line):

$imagelinks = "";

Can some one help me to have a correct pregmatch all to extract first , second etc... links from text with images and with out spaces.

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This pattern does what you're looking for:


And it will give you:

0 => array (
0 => '',
1 => '',
2 => '',
3 => '',
4 => '',
5 => '',
6 => '',
7 => '',

You can also test your preg_match's on this site, it saves a ton of time: Functions Online

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