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I have a database from an existing android app that I need to import into my Windows Phone 8 app. Is the only way to do this to create some huge population script to be ran on the first loading of the app?

I am currently using the new sqlite-net-wp8 by Peter Huene as directed by this blog post. But the examples are all about creating the database, not using an existing one. Any help would be great.

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This link shows how to copy an existing sqlite database in Windows 8. The ability to do it on a phone is the same.

1) Add the sqlite database into your project and set the type to content in its properties.

2) When your app loads, load the file into a storage file. Then write it back out using the localfolder as the destination.

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WP8 only supports local (in local file) databases. Check your solution and search for database file. If file does't exist then You can only copy by script.

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That is disappointing. Even WP7 provided the means to copy a database over, even if it was unduly complicated‌​. – Quickhorn Jan 4 '13 at 2:34
This is actually possible using the link I posted above. I'll expand further in an answer shortly. – Quickhorn Jan 7 '13 at 16:39

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