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Sorry I didn't give such a good title. Here's my yml (databases.yml)

default: <br>
  #Default host - localhost <br>
  host: localhost <br>
  #Default username - root <br>
  username: root <br>
  #Default password - pass. Set to nopass for no password <br>
  password: pass <br>
  #Default database - BMod <br>
  database: bmod <br>

This is my java code:

    YamlReader reader = new YamlReader(new FileReader(BMod.config+"/databases.yml")); <br>
    Object object =; <br>
    System.out.println(object); <br>
    Map map = (Map)object; <br>
    System.out.println(map.get("default")); <br>

As you can see by System.out.println(map.get("default")); I can get values fine in the main file. But say I want to get "". How do I do this with YAMLBeans?

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Why don't you try:

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