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Hello I am using AVFoundation Framework to play clips from internet. I use AVPlayerItem playerItemWithURL:URL

Now I would like to check the size of received bytes from that video file. I couldn't find anything relevant on this page:

So is there a way to find received byte size?

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Take a look at AVPlayerItemAccessLogEvent Class.

You can access via `

AVPlayerItemAccessLog *accesslog = self.aPlayer.currentItem.accessLog;  
NSArray *events = [accesslog events];    
AVPlayerItemAccessLogEvent *event = [events objectAtIndex:0]; 
NSLog(@"Number of bytes received %@", [event numberOfBytesTransferred]);

You have Accesslog which gives you details about Data Properties

  numberOfSegmentsDownloaded  property
  numberOfMediaRequests  property
  playbackStartDate  property
  URI  property
  serverAddress  property
  numberOfServerAddressChanges  property
  playbackSessionID  property
  playbackStartOffset  property
  segmentsDownloadedDuration  property
  durationWatched  property
  numberOfStalls  property
  numberOfBytesTransferred  property
  indicatedBitrate  property
  observedBitrate  property
  numberOfDroppedVideoFrames  property

IMO, This is the only option you have, but this has its flaws too, especially when seeking etc.

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What is the purpose of [events objectAtIndex:0] ? I am having a problem with that if I skip some parts on the video, e.g jumping from 5th second to 10th. In that case numberOfBytesTransferred value does not change. – Sarp Kaya Jan 3 '13 at 8:56
Well it takes into account number of events. events is a NSArray and thats why the objectAtIndex:0. You could very well loop through all the events. I have not tried myself, but maybe after seek, a new event gets updated! Will try myself and update answer when I get time. – Pranav Bhargava Jan 3 '13 at 9:07

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