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Using this SO answer How do you use multiple rails versions with rbvenv?, I'm trying to set up an environment using rbenv (rather than rvm) to manage different versions of Ruby and Rails. The answer first says to install a version of Rails linked to a version of ruby in this manner.

RBENV_VERSION=1.9.3-p327 rbenv exec gem install rails --version 3.2.10

That worked for me. Rails installed.

Following its instructions, i then tried to create a new project this way using that version of rails

RBENV_VERSION=1.9.3-p327 rbenv exec rails _3.10.2_ new newprojectname

That didn't work for me. I got an error message about

.rbenv/versions/1.9.3-p327/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.9.1/rubygems/dependency.rb:247:in `to_specs': Could not find railties (= 3.10.2) amongst [RedCloth-4.2.9, aaronh-chronic-0.3.9, abstract-1.0.0, actionmailer-3.2.10, actionmailer-3.0.4, actionpack-3.2.10, actionpack-3.0.4, activemodel-3.2.10, activemodel-3.2.9, activemodel-3.0.4, activerecord-3.2.10, activerecord-3.0.4, activeresource-3.2.10, activeresource-3.0.4, activesupport-3.2.10, activesupport-3.2.9, activesupport-3.0.4, addressable-2.3.2, arel-3.0.2, arel-2.0.10, bigdecimal-1.1.0, builder-3.0.4, builder-2.1.2, bundler-1.2.3, capybara-2.0.2, carrierwave-0.5.8, childprocess-0.3.6, coderay-1.0.8, cucumber-1.2.1, cucumber-rails-1.3.0, diff-lcs-1.1.3, erubis-2.7.0, erubis-2.6.6, factory_girl-4.1.0, ffi-1.2.0, formtastic-2.2.1, gherkin-2.11.5, hike-1.2.1, i18n-0.6.1, io-console-0.3, jist-1.3.1, journey-1.0.4, json-1.7.6, json-1.5.4, lesstile-1.1.0, libwebsocket-, mail-2.4.4, mail-2.2.19, market_beat-0.2.0, method_source-0.8.1, mime-types-1.19, minitest-2.5.1, multi_json-1.5.0, nokogiri-1.5.6, polyglot-0.3.3, pry-0.9.10, pry-rails-0.2.2, rack-1.4.1, rack-1.2.5, rack-cache-1.2, rack-mount-0.6.14, rack-openid-1.3.1, rack-ssl-1.3.2, rack-test-0.6.2, rack-test-0.5.7, rails-3.2.10, rails-3.0.4, railties-3.2.10, railties-3.0.4, rake-10.0.3, rake-, rdoc-3.9.4, rspec-2.12.0, rspec-core-2.12.2, rspec-expectations-2.12.1, rspec-mocks-2.12.1, rspec-rails-2.12.0, ruby-openid-2.2.2, rubygems-update-1.8.24, rubyzip-0.9.9, selenium-webdriver-2.27.2, slop-3.3.3, sprockets-2.2.2, sqlite3-1.3.6, sqlite3-ruby-1.3.3, thor-0.14.6, tilt-1.3.3, treetop-1.4.12, tzinfo-0.3.35, webrat-0.7.3, websocket-1.0.6, will_paginate-3.0.pre2, xpath-1.0.0] (Gem::LoadError)
    from /Users/michaeljohnmitchell/.rbenv/versions/1.9.3-p327/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.9.1/rubygems/dependency.rb:256:in `to_spec'
    from /Users/michaeljohnmitchell/.rbenv/versions/1.9.3-p327/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.9.1/rubygems.rb:1231:in `gem'
    from /Users/michaeljohnmitchell/.rbenv/versions/1.9.3-p327/bin/rails:22:in `<main>'

Therefore I tried to install railties

gem install railties

It worked

Successfully installed railties-3.2.10
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for railties-3.2.10...
Installing RDoc documentation for railties-3.2.10...

However, trying to create the project again

RBENV_VERSION=1.9.3-p327 rbenv exec rails _3.10.2_ new newprojectname

created the same error message about railties

see error message above

I even tried to install railties again but with the RBENV prefix

RBENV_VERSION=1.9.3-p327 rbenv exec gem install railties

It installed again!, however, when I tried to create the new project, i got the same error message.

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ive faced the same issue,

this is what i did
i removed ~/.gemrc

next, i ran gem env
to see if its pointing to the right place:
RubyGems Environment:
- RUBY VERSION: 2.0.0 (2013-02-08 patchlevel -1) [x86_64-linux]
- INSTALLATION DIRECTORY: /home/[yourpath]/.rbenv/versions/2.0.0-rc2/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0
- RUBY EXECUTABLE: /home/[yourpath]/.rbenv/versions/2.0.0-rc2/bin/ruby
- EXECUTABLE DIRECTORY: /home/[yourpath]/.rbenv/versions/2.0.0-rc2/bin
- ruby
- x86_64-linux
- /home/[yourpath]/.rbenv/versions/2.0.0-rc2/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0
- /home/[yourpath]/.gem/ruby/2.0.0 - GEM CONFIGURATION:
- :update_sources => true
- :verbose => true
- :backtrace => false
- :bulk_threshold => 1000

then i tried to install the gem again

gem install rails

and now its installing to the right place :)
please let me know if it works for ya

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