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I have a date(type:DateTime) column and a price(type:Decimal) column within my db. Records are created and saved hourly. I need to create a rake task to go through all of my stored data and create an average price for each day.

Using ActiveRecord, how can I query all of my records, group together all records within each day, create a new average price from those 24 records, and save it as a new record in a different table?

I imagine it would be something like this psuedocode:

  loop through them and group records by day
    loop through each grouping and create average
      average = DailyAverage.create

FYI I have about 10,000 records.

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Scope is nice way to select some records and group them. In Sales class define something like scope :by_date, ->(needful_date) { where{ date == needful_date} }. Then in another model(which relates to another table) define your calculations:

def calculate_average_prices
  first_sale_date = # find your first sale date
  date_range =
  grouped_sales ={|date| Sales.by_date(date)}
  average_prices = do |sales|{|sale| sale.price.to_f}.average
  # save your average prices

It's just an idea of solution. You'd better understand it and implement yourself.

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Thanks, Alex. I have about 3,650 days that need to be grouped. Can I enter in a date range into the needful_date param in the scope? – ac360 Jan 3 '13 at 19:21
If you want to use by_date with range, that's ok. Just update by_date with something like ->(date_range) { where{ date_range.include?(date)} } – Alex Teut Jan 4 '13 at 8:30

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