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If there is some data falls in the queue table.How to dequeue a message automatically by getting a notification in my application side .

Below is the link i am following for enqueuing the message into a queue table, its happening successfully.


I can see the message i enqueued in the queue table with the following query at the scheduled time.

 select user_data from queue_table;

And below is the link to C++ code to dequeue the message.With the below c++ code i am able to dequeue the data manually in my application side.But i want a method to dequeue automatically by getting a notification and start to dequeue automatically.Please give me a hand and make it clear.


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I don't know if this is possible in C, but from PL/SQL, you would create a callback procedure with the following signature.

CREATE PROCEDURE demo_queue_callback_procedure(
                 context  RAW,
                 reginfo  SYS.AQ$_REG_INFO,
                 descr    SYS.AQ$_DESCRIPTOR,
                 payload  RAW,
                 payloadl NUMBER
                 ) AS

   r_dequeue_options    DBMS_AQ.DEQUEUE_OPTIONS_T;
  r_message_properties DBMS_AQ.MESSAGE_PROPERTIES_T;
  v_message_handle     RAW(16);
  o_payload            demo_queue_payload_type;


  r_dequeue_options.msgid := descr.msg_id;
  r_dequeue_options.consumer_name := descr.consumer_name;

     queue_name         => descr.queue_name,
     dequeue_options    => r_dequeue_options,
     message_properties => r_message_properties,
     payload            => o_payload,
     msgid              => v_message_handle

    -- Do something with the payload received.  Must commit to get message out of table.


END; /

-- create a subscriber, and register your callback procedure

      queue_name => 'demo_queue',
      subscriber => SYS.AQ$_AGENT(
                       NULL )


You would have to change the above to read from the error queue, but I think concept is the same.

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I am not getting how in this way it will dequeue automatically if something in the queue? –  user1 Jan 4 '13 at 4:17
Because you are registering the stored procedure as a handler by calling DBMS_AQ.Register. This procedure will then be called each time a message is in the queue. Please see these links: link link –  OldProgrammer Jan 4 '13 at 14:06
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