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I have a the following code which returns false even if I upload a file with valid extension ?

$file = JRequest::getVar('filename', null, 'files', 'array');


if(strtolower(JFile::getExt($file)) == 'pdf' || strtolower(JFile::getExt($file)) == 'gif' || strtolower(JFile::getExt($file)) == 'jpg' || strtolower(JFile::getExt($file)) == 'png') {
  // ..
else {
  // ..
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Will u remove strlower and try? – Vishnu Renku Jan 3 '13 at 8:46
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JFile::getExt() function of joomla API returns the extension of any file, but I think there is a bug, if your file has no extension, for example Readme files which do not have any extension, in that case it should return a null, but it returns the complete filepath.

So, instead we should use this better alternative

pathinfo ($file_path,PATHINFO_EXTENSION);

Read more

Read this for eg & This too

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thanks for your kind help. well i got it working just by adding the entire code in the model. earlier i was validating it in the controller. i don't really understand the difference but its working – Raaman Rai Jan 3 '13 at 9:17

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