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I am developing the financial app it should take the total salary and the amount spend for corresponding things say groceries, electricity bill, transport, internet.I have taken the values and calculated the percentage now the question is since the calculated is in double. But the below statement takes the int value only but I want display in progress bar not in progress dialog.

int amount2 = b.getInt("restaurant",2);
double res = ((double)amount2/amount) * 100;
TextView txt2 = (TextView) findViewById(;
txt2.setText("percentage2\t" + res);

the amount is the total salary and the amount2 is restaurant bill. So now the percentage value is in double and now have to display in progress bar.

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You should try to use name which are indicative about the context. –  stealthjong Jan 3 '13 at 8:51
what statement takes and int, here ? i don't see where the problem would be. –  njzk2 Jan 3 '13 at 8:56
double res = ((double)amount2/amount) * 100; Here i have calculated the percentage now the calculated percentage is stored in double res in order to display the calculated percentage in progressbar i have used "progressDialog.incrementProgressBy(x);to display in progressdialog" so here "X" is integer it will not allow double and i want to display in progress bar –  SANJEEV REDDY Jan 3 '13 at 10:38

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Either I do not fully understand your question, or it's as simple as this:

int totalIncome = getTotalIncome(); //or however you retrieve the totalIncome
int restaurantExpense = bundle.getInt("restaurant", 2);
double percentage = ((double)restaurantExpense/totalIncome) * 100;

But I still do not know why you use a ProgressDialog, and then say you do not want to use it.

Edit: You can also use the totalIncome as maximum:


Now you can omit the calculation, and you don't have to cast anything to int.

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Please have a look on the below tutorials. The have done the sample with percentage calculation in the progress bar.

Hope this will help you .

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