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First of all, my friends and I mostly use Chrome just so everyone knows. I understand that webkits work in Chrome.

Okay, what I need to figure out is how to place the webkit scrollbar edit options into my HTML style tags. I know how to edit scrollbars in a CSS style sheet but I don't not have access to the style sheet. So my only option was to try and make edits using "style=". However, I can't seem to edit my scrollbar and I really like the simple example shown here:

Is there any way I can do that within the tag?

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IMHO it is not possible.

Because you can apply "style=" to existing elements in the HTML file (although it is not recommended and this programming habit being deprecated) but "::-webkit-scrollbar" and others are psuedo-elements which you can not declare in HTML. So you can not style scrollbars from your HTML file. :-(

But if anyone knows any workaround then I will be happy to know it. :-)

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I figured that was my problem but I too was hoping maybe someone knew a work-around or better knew webkit... Or something. XD And I know editing CSS within "style=" isn't recommended but with this website, I don't really have a choice. Besides, the website is kind of set up oto allow such edits which is great! As for a potential solution, guess we'll keep our fingers crossed. :D – SiSan Jan 3 '13 at 9:55

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