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I'm using MKStoreKit for auto-renewable subscriptions and everything is working fine, but I don't know what do these Notifications do. (kSubscriptionsPurchasedNotificationand kSubscriptionsInvalidNotification).

When I call them in ViewDidLoad or didFinishLaunchingWithOptions functions, their corresponding methods are called but if([MKStoreManager isFeaturePurchased:@"myFeature"]) always returns false and enters in else statement. So why this happens and what's the benefit of using them?

Secondly, like I said I'm using auto-renewable subscriptions, when the subscribed period has expired the subscription is not renewed automatically, the user has to press again to login to my app and subscribe manually.

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If you are working with subscriptions you should be using :

[[MKStoreManager sharedManager] isSubscriptionActive:@"myFeature"];

rather than : [MKStoreManager isFeaturePurchased:@"myFeature"]


is used to check "Consumable" in-app purchases.

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