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How to access the images published as assests using Yii assets manager from console applications?

I am sending newsletters using commands in Yii( console application ). I could not use the images published as assests in my mail template.

I am having the actual images inside protected/assets/images/ folder. When i publish them using asset manager, they will be available at root/assets/6f3434/images/ folder.

Usually my code to access an image in Yii's web application would be

<img src="<?php echo $this->assetBase ?>/images/a.png" /> where $this->assetBase referrs the url of the published foler, in this case root/assets/6f3434.

The same is not working if i run the code from console application.

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You did not explain what exactly is not working. So here's just a general guideline.

You have to configure an assetManager component in your console application. And you need to tweak some settings so that you end up with the same asset paths. You should add something like this to your console.php:

  'aliases' => array(
      'webroot' => realpath(__DIR_.'/../..'),
  'components' => array(
          'class'     =>'CAssetManager',
          'basePath'  =>realpath(__DIR__.'/../../assets'),
          'baseUrl'   =>'/assets',
      'request' => array(
          'baseUrl' => '',
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Let me try this solution, thank you!. Now i am using request component & getBaseUrl() function to point the resources directly instead of assets folder. – Suriya Apr 23 '13 at 12:29

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