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We can reuse properties that are defined in a Grails config file. A simple example:

accountFake = '12345678901234567890'
accountValid = '09876543210987654321'

environments {
    development {
        payments.info.transfer.accountNumber = "${accountFake}"
    test {
        payments.info.transfer.accountNumber = "${accountFake}"
    preproduction {
        payments.info.transfer.accountNumber = "${accountFake}"
    production {
        payments.info.transfer.accountNumber = "${accountValid}"

Is it possible to define the scope of this variable as private? I don’t want these variables to be read outside of the config file.

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Make them into declarations rather than binding assignments by adding def:

def accountFake = '12345678901234567890'

This makes it a local variable within the config script and does not include the value in the final grailsApplication.config

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