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I'm trying to get my dev environment back up and running after upgrading to Snow Leopard. In particular, I need postgresql and postgis working, but I'm running into the following problem.

After installing both with the following:

sudo port install postgresql84 postgresql84-server postgis

I get errors like the following when I try to load my sql database, which has references to liblwgeom.so

ERROR:  function public.box3d_in(cstring) does not exist
ERROR:  incompatible library "/usr/local/pgsql/lib/liblwgeom.so": version mismatch
DETAIL:  Server is version 8.4, library is version 8.3.

That file does exist on my computer, but must be sitting around from an old install of postgresql 8.3. The problem is I can't figure out where liblwgeom.so is supposed to come from. It's not included in postgis 1.4, and a Google search is leaving me scratching my head. Any ideas?

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liblwgeom.so comes with PostGIS vesion 1.3. It has been renamed in 1.4. It looks like your dump is of a database with PostGIS 1.3 and you're trying to reload in PostGIS 1.4. This is not supported.

See the PostGIS manual on upgrading for details on what to do.

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That was exactly the problem, thanks for the help –  emmby Sep 14 '09 at 17:50

Update your ports:

sudo port selfupdate

Then install postgis 1.4, which will work for postgresql 8.4

sudo port install postgis
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