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I am dynamically generating some Pig query in Java and executing the same using PigServer Class. Is there any way in which I can submit the job asynchronously and later poll/hook for job completion? Also, if pig doesn't allow it , can I use Oozie with Java Action to achieve the desired behaviour.

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You can use the fork and join control nodes in OOZIE to run jobs in parallel.

Executing dynamic code is easy if you just want to change some properties of the Pig script to run (you can use template variables - see the oozie pig action docs). However if by dynamic you mean dynamically building different code paths then you'll need a custom Java action to write out the pig script to HDFS before calling the pig action.

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First post your query properly.The above description is not well explanatory.If you want to run any job asynchronously in java ,you should use Thread programming.There is a good apache framework called "quartz-scheduler" which can do this task.It is open source.Refer this link.


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Multi-threading is one approach but I was looking for something more robust wherein the inherent complexity of parallelism is managed by the framework.(Something like a Task Parallel Lib in .NET) Will definitely have a look at the Quartz Scheduler –  user1945134 Jan 3 '13 at 10:11

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