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Firstly, I am new to Python so please go easy on me... Secondly, I've never used a forum before so if I paste too much code or don't give exactly what you need, forgive me, I shall try my best:


I need my code to ask the user for an input called moduleName then after moduleName is entered I need it to ask the user for the grade for that specific module. After that is entered I need it to ask again for module then the grade until there are no more to enter where by the user will enter -1 into the module bit to end it. I also need each item to save to a global list I have created. So when I use teh function I have created to view the list it prints out all modules and grades.

MY CODE THUS FAR: (my global list is at top of code named students[])

def addStudent():
    print "Adding student..."
    student = Student()
    firstName = raw_input("Please enter the student's first name: ")
    lastName = raw_input("Please enter the student's last name: ")
    degree = raw_input("Please enter the name of the degree the student is studying: ")
    studentid = raw_input("Please enter the students ID number: ")
    age = raw_input("Please enter the students Age: ")
    **moduleName= 0
    while moduleName != "-1":
        moduleName = raw_input("Please enter module name: ")
        grade = raw_input ("Please enter students grade for " + moduleName+": ")

    student.setFirstName(firstName) # Set this student's first name
    student.setDegree(degree)# Set this student's last name

    print "The student",firstName+' '+lastName,"ID number",studentid,"has been added to the system."


I have now fixed the loop so it breaks correctly... the only problem I have now is that the moduleName and grade fields save to my global list but only save the last input (being -1) as opposed to the multiple inputs entered... so confused. The problem may also lie within this function I have created:

def viewStudent():
    print "Printing all students in database : "

    for person in students:
            print "Printing details for: " + person.getFirstName()+" "+ person.getLastName()
            print "Age: " + person.getAge()
            print "Student ID: " + person.getStudentID()
            print "Degree: " + person.getDegree()
            print "Module: " + person.getModuleName()
            print "Grades: " + person.getGrade()

Again apologies I don't know what's needed on forums etc so go easy on me... Thank in Advance! =D

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I would suggest replacing the while moduleName != "-1": loop with a while True: loop, and then insert this code after asking for the module name:

if moduleName == '-1':

This will break out of the while loop when you want it to.

Addressing your second question, the append function is in the else bit of the whole while loop. This means that it only works when the function breaks. You need to put this in the main while loop after you get the input, and get rid of the else.

Also, I don't see student defined anywhere - what is it meant to be?

Here's the code you want:

while True:
    moduleName = raw_input("Please enter module name: ")
    if moduleName == '-1':
    grade = raw_input("Please enter students grade for " + moduleName+": ")
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Oh thanks I shall try that... I have defined student further up in the code but didn't want to paste it all in as I've noticed some people get annoyed when people paste too much code in: i defined it further up as student = Student() ... – Lauren Jan 3 '13 at 9:44
I see no reason to change the while condition as you suggested (except if you are paid per line). – Hans Then Jan 3 '13 at 9:44
@Hans the while checks the condition, then executes the whole block of code if it evaluates to True. So even if the user inputs -1 for the module name, the loop demands that the grade be asked too. Changing the loop fixes that problem. – Volatility Jan 3 '13 at 9:47
@Volatility When user enters "-1", the condition would evaluate as False and not True, hence the condition defined in while loop is perfect. – theharshest Jan 3 '13 at 9:52
@theharshest then why is the OP having trouble with exiting straight after inputting -1 for the module name? – Volatility Jan 3 '13 at 9:53

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