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I downloaded the latest Boost Jam binary from SourceForge and I'm using the command:

bjam toolset=gcc --build-type=complete stage

I've installed Cygwin along with the GCC compiler. While the command produces a stage/lib directory, I cannot find the thread library that I'm using in Linux. Boost Jam takes a while to run, so there could have been errors along the way. Can anyone guess as to why I don't have the thread library? Is there a specific command I can run in an attempt to only build the thread library? Thanks!

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You can certainly build just the threading library - I can't remember how, but we restrict our boost build to just a couple of modules. –  Douglas Leeder Sep 11 '09 at 23:15

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You most definitely need to check for, and provide the error messages. You can also try passing either threadapi=pthread or threadapi=win32 to Boost.Build invocation.

In general, using the GNU/Kernel32.dll operating system, sometimes referred to as Cygwin, is risky business. Will using the native port of gcc, from mingw, be sufficient for you?

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