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I am using jqGrid-4.4.1 with grouping columns.

I am well aware with grouping options at jqGrid documentation

groupingView: { 
              groupField: ['Group'],
              groupColumnShow: [false],
              groupCollapse: true


But, this collapses all groups in the table. I want to collapse only few groups not all.

Let say I have 3 groups in the table. Then I do want to collapse only 1 of it rest other should be open.

Is it possible ?

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I'm not aware of any configuration parameters which allow for individual group configuration, but one possible solution would be to start with the grid un-grouped, and then collapse the desired group using :


once the data has loaded.

If you visit the demo page, click "Grouping" heading, and then "Simple grouping with array data", you can toggle the third group with :


for example.

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