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I just purchased and installed a application from 3 Cds using registration key in pendrive. After installation, I just got a MFC Application (.exe). When i viewed the files, I found a data folder inside which I found many .scd files. The data is accessible within the application.

Now I would like to extract that scd files and need those data alone separately.

I tried with FileViewPro, Scribus and many exe reader Software, but not successful.

Please someone help me to read the .scd files to extract the data from it.

Thanks in Advance,

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First of all, please clarify what is the MFC application you are referring to? Was it installed? How do you know that it is MFC app?

Secondly, by giving just a file extension you do not provide enough information about a file. it could be MD scheduler, MS system management, TurboTax and many more.

The only way to do what you need is to find an application that does that or learn about a file format from documentation and write your own application.

It may be impossible if the file is proprietary format and there is no documentation released.

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