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via Namecheap I have my SSL certificates (POSITIVESSL Comodo) which run on my Nginx webserver to offer https to my clients. This worked like a charm until my certificate expired.

Now I tried to install a new certificate, but whatever I try, the old one is being loaded.

What I did.

  1. Removed all the old certificate files (.key, .crt, .csr)
  2. Using this tutorial creating a new key files.
  3. Entered that file into the Namecheap SSL panel to generate new SSL certificates (which arrived, and show to be valid from 11/26/2012 to 12/26/2013.
  4. Go to my certificates directory, put in the 3 .crt files I got.
  5. Using this tutorial i bundled all the .crt files into 1 .pem file.
  6. Check my nginx.conf to confirm all the paths to the .key & .pem file are correct
  7. Restart nginx

I even tried to change the file names, to ensure they cannot conflict with the old ones, but still my old certificates are being loaded. I have used tools like: http://www.digicert.com/help/ to test the certs, also there the old ones are still being loaded.

Apart from Nginx, should I restart anything else to ensure the new files are being loaded correctly?

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Issue has been resolved, the DDOS protection proxy also needed to be updated.

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