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I am new to dojo. I have three divs; the first div has 10 pictures and other two divs are empty.

I want to allow the user to drag pictures to any div (2,3) or drag back to div1.

I want to store the pictures in a DB using PHP.

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I might be able to help, if only I could understand the question. Can you please rephrase your problem? –  Justin Johnson Sep 11 '09 at 23:18
Sounds like you want someone to write your application for you... –  Jani Hartikainen Sep 11 '09 at 23:23

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As for the dragging and dropping, you'll need to use dojo.dnd.Source.

In your Js, you'll need:


Your HTML will look like this (for the most part):

<div dojoType="dojo.dnd.Source" id="div1">
  <div class="dojoDndItem">
      <img />
  <div class="dojoDndItem">
      <img />
  ... 8 more times ...

I set up a simple example using google's logo that you can drag from one div to another on jsbin.

As for saving to a database, I'm unclear on what you want to save. The src? Something else?

That being said, you could use dojo.query to get the images of a certain div to call an xhrGet to your PHP page/service.


 dojo.query("img",dojo.byId("div1")).forEach( function() {
     // this is now the image
     dojo.xhrGet( { url: '/somepage.php',
                    data: { image_name: this.title } // ???: depends on what you want
                    load: function( data ) {
                      alert("I worked!");
                    error: function( data ) {
                       alert("O NOES!!!");
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Many Thanks nice, that's what i need, a little problem with drag and drop when i start to drag image move little down and right which don't look good, can we fix it so its look like nice. –  air Sep 12 '09 at 7:01

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