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I am just starting to learn how Task works, and get one interesting case. I have HttpTaskAsyncHandler but I can't get acccess to HttpContext if my code inside ProcessRequestAsync calls to some Task

  public class MyAsyncHandler : HttpTaskAsyncHandler, IReadOnlySessionState
        public override async Task ProcessRequestAsync(HttpContext context)
            //can use HttpContext here   
            await MyJob("data");
            //can use HttpContext here

      public async Task MyJob(string data)
            var func = Task.Factory.StartNew(() => Process(data));
            await func;

        public string Process(string context)
             **//can't use HttpContext here**

is it possible to fix ? I understand that Process method would be call in other tread but anyway. Thanks/

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Why are you pushing work to the thread pool and then awaiting it? Why not just do the work on the request thread? –  Stephen Cleary Jan 3 '13 at 13:27

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You are correct that HttpContent does not exist inside of your Task, since it is in a separate thread. So you will need to access create a new instance of Elmah inside your Process method(new thread). You can follow the 2nd or 3rd answer in the previous question, Using Elmah in a Console Application to accomplish what you want.

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