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I'm Developing application which using some of cocos2d animations. So i imported the cocos2d project into my Xcode. But when i give Product -> Archive i'm getting following screen. Like, Save Built Products and Export as Xcode Archive

enter image description here

I could not get normal option for my Archive. Can anyone help me to find what i'm doing wrong.

I found its happening because, multiple targets in my projects. I removed all Targets except my project target from Manage Schemes. But still i'm getting .archive file in organizer with same options. If i remove those target from my project i'm getting error like following

enter image description here

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You need to change the build settings for the cocos2d project. Change Skip Install Flags to YES.

More info here, Xcode 4: create IPA file instead of .xcarchive

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I solved this issue, by removing cocos2d-ios.xcodeproj and i added the folders what are all i needed. I tried same thing, but before i added all my files in cocos2d project folder. I got answer from this link. Following folder are i added from the cocos2d folder

 - cocos2d
 - CocosDenshion/CocosDenshion
 - CocosDenshion/CocosDenshionExtras
 - external/kazmath


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