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I'm trying to build the library Box2D on a new computer running Fedora 17. When I try to build Box2D, I get the error

premake4.lua:26: attempt to call global 'vpaths' (a nil value)

Some googling suggests that I need to use a newer version of premake. I went to the premake website to try just downloading an executable (the 4.4 beta version for linux), but running the version they have on their site gives me this error instead:

/home/alex/Downloads/premake4: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory

Whats the proper way to get the proper version and run it?

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Grab the source code package available on the download page and build it for your system?

$ cd premake-4.4-beta4/build/gmake.unix
$ make
$ cd ../../bin/release
$ ./premake4 --version
premake4 (Premake Build Script Generator) 4.4-beta4
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