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I tried to install a plugin netrw.vba using vimball on vim 7.3 with :source %, but got this error

line    2:
E492: Not an editor command: UseVimball 

I came across this post Trying to install a vimball having vimballPlugin installed, and followed the steps mentioned there to try fixing it, but did not work. :scriptnames shows {...}/gvim73/share/vim/vim73/plugin/vimballPlugin.vim so it seems to be loaded correctly.

What else could I explore to figure out this issue? Is there some setting I missed here?

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In case the plugin/vimballPlugin.vim script has been loaded, the only conditions that prevent the definition of the command are:

  1. you have :set compatible, falling back to old vi behavior (usually not what you want)
  2. you have defined g:loaded_vimballPlugin somewhere, explicitly suppressing the plugin
  3. something does :delcommand UseVimball after the plugin is sourced

Find out which applies to you, and fix it.

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