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I have a grid that has a JSON date field. I want to format the field using Moment.JS but can't get the cellFormatter nor cellFilter fields to work.

See the following fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/cooper/8NNAk/5/ that shows the problem.

I want to apply the formatting to the HTML / data-grid, not the data, for example I don't want to do this:

function viewModel(){
    myArray = ko.observableArray([
        { MyDate: moment("/Date(1355875200000+0000)/").format('DD/MM/YYYY') },
        { MyDate: moment("/Date(1355875300000+0000)/"}.format('DD/MM/YYYY')} ]);

This fiddle doesn't appear to be working in IE.

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The fiddle doesn't work because of IE blocking css and js for having mime type mismatches. For example [raw.github.com/timrwood/moment/1.7.2/min/moment.min.js] has a mimetype of text/plain instead of application/javascript, therefore ie blocks it. It should work fine from within your own application/ –  heads5150 Jan 3 '13 at 11:26

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It should work with the following cellFilter function:

cellFilter: function(data) { return moment(data).format('DD/MM/YYYY') }

Here is how the full columndef looks like:

        { field: 'MyDate', displayName: 'DateTime', 
        cellFilter: function(data) { return moment(data).format('DD/MM/YYYY') } }

Demo JSFiddle.

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It also helps to ensure the latest version of kogrid-*.js is referenced in your project...Oops. –  Mark Cooper Jan 3 '13 at 11:36

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