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I have a problem including an Ant build script from a parent directory. Because I need to develop a custom component for a 3rd party software, I have a project directory structure set up as follows:

/repos/HG REPO/Component  // repo for my component
/repos/GIT REPO/contrib/contrib-build.xml  // 3rd party software repo & build script
/repos/GIT REPO/contrib/[symlink to Component]/build.xml // My components build script

Now I need to import contrib-build.xml from build.xml, so in build.xml I would use:

<import file="../contrib-build.xml"/>

However, this causes error as it tries to find the file from

/repos/HG REPO/contrib-build.xml

How can I access the file without giving an absolute path for the import file argument? If I take that path then one would have to manually remember to set it on another dev setup.

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Have you tried?

<import file="../../GIT REPO/contrib/contrib-build.xml"/>
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It will work locally, if i do "../../../../Path from root relative to both repos/". Of course this is just as specific to my directory structure as using absolute path. –  Fuu Jan 3 '13 at 11:16

The error is folder naming. Ant does not allow space inside directory name. Try to change


instead of

/repos/HG REPO/
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I did not actually name the folder "HG REPO", that is just an abstraction to simplify explaining the problem. :) –  Fuu Jan 3 '13 at 11:14
Yeah I only want you to check your directory name..For not including space –  swemon Jan 3 '13 at 11:15

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