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When I open my installer(that I created using InstallAnywhere 2010), the UAC dialog appears with information about my installer. The field Publisher is 'unknown'.

How can i change the field Publisher from unknown to a required name ...

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You need to digitally sign your finished installer.

In the InstallAnywhere docs we find the following:

You can digitally sign installers on Windows if you have a valid digital certificate. Digital signatures give end users the added security that comes with knowing that an installer came from a trusted source. It also prevents your customer from seeing a “Unknown Publisher” warning when they launch installers on Windows XP Service Pack 2 and later systems. To digitally sign installers, you essentially need thre [sic] files: a .pvk file (a private key), an .spc file (the code signing certificate), and signcode.exe (the code signing tool from Microsoft). You can download signcode.exe from Microsoft’s download center. It is included in a package called codesigningx86.exe. Signcode has a GUI mode, but can also run from the command line. The command line can be as simple as:

signcode /spc myCert.spc /v mypkey.pvk "install.exe"

Signcode has numerous command-line parameters. For more information about Signcode, search for signcode.exe in the MSDN Library.

Refer to this link at MSDN about the SignTool utility:

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