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I installed:

On disk “D”: WinXP SP3

On disk “E”: JDK 1.7.0_10, Eclipse Indigo Service Release 2, GWT 2.4, GXT 2.2.5, App Engine 1.7.0, Glassfish-,

Also, I have paths:


When I try to run my web applications in development mode(AppEngine,Jetty):

I have the side effect – the free space on my disk “D” became smaller and smaller. Where I can find the files of my temporary projects on disk “D” to delete them?

When I used Glassfish I could delete all files in the:

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The gwt temp files are usually located in Temp folder can use disk clean up feature of windows once in a while or automate disk clean up via batch file.

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Thank you, I've already found this folder (there was ~14Gb): D:\Documents and Settings\MyUser\Local Settings\Temp\ – Sergey Chepurnov Jan 4 '13 at 7:42

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