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I've been provided with a shapefile, which contains data for roads in a given area in the UK.

I've used a ShapeFile uploader to upload the shapefile to a SQL Server 2008 table, which is great.

So now I have records stored for each row with appropriate Geometry data. This consists of LineString data made up of multiple Northing as Easting points )

For example:

LINESTRING (338743.914 373987.193, 338750.531 373977.156, 338753.812 373973.375, 338758.156 373969.625, 338760.094 373968.156, 338762.719 373966.969, 338765.469 373966.594, 338771.125 373966.938, 338781.281 373969.844)

Now, I want to create a query so I can match a records in the database based on Northing and Easting values I supply?

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I'm not very familiar with spatial stuff, but you'll probably want to start reading here -- there should be examples in there somewhere. – Jon Seigel Jan 3 '13 at 14:44

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