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I have an Pocket PC application which is compiled with windows mobile 6 professional SDK.

Now i want the application to work with Windows CE.

What are the procedure to compile it on Windows CE and make it work on Windows CE?

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It may sound silly or obvious, but: Build it using the Windows CE SDK (download link).

Step 1: After installing the SDK, create a new Windows CE Project.

Step 2: Take the blank Form1.cs form in the new CE Project and rename it to the Form you use in your old Windows Mobile 6 Project.

Almost done.

Step 3: Now, close Visual Studio, browse to the Windows CE Project Folder, and delete the that form you just renamed.

Step 4: Browse to your Windows Mobile 6 Project Folder. Copy everything except for the bin and obj folders and the .proj and .sln files to the Windows CE Project Folder.

Step 5: Open Visual Studio and the Windows CE Project.

Step 6: Get crazy and hit Run [F5].

This will most likely produce a number of errors. These errors are because you have called a function that is specific to Windows Mobile or it could be because the Windows CE version of the same function requires different parameters.

Step 7: Some things may not be easily ported to Windows CE. For those items, you can start new threads like "How do I do FunctionWM() using Windows CE?" or such.

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