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I have question and want to see if it can be realized in wxpython. I would like to plot data on wxpython, and then use the mouse to select some points which are plotted, using the mouse. At the moment i am using wx.lib.plot and using the PlotMarker

Is there a way of doing this with wx.lib.plot or do i have to use another graph library


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Probably what you want can be done more conveniently using matplotlib (matplotlib canvas can be itself embedded in wxpython using FigureCanvasWxAgg from matplotlib.backends.backend_wxagg).

In matplotlib you can select a point by using the picker property. Here and here you have examples of how to allow picking on the objects you draw and how to listen to the event.

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You can use matplotlib or pygal. Something similar with your describing technique is used in PyQtGraph.

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I would recommend using Chaco / TraitsUI for this sort of thing. They were developed specifically for interactive plots in Python. MAtplotlib / WX will work, but if you are going to be doing more of this sort of thing I found that Chaco was a better solution for interaction.

Here's some helpful links:

Chaco Interactions

Line editing with Chaco

Scatter Plot Selection Example

Chaco Examples

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