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My app seems ready to get a 'real life' test for an in-app purchase procedure on my device. However, I receive an "The publisher cannot purchase this item" error message in Play Store. Now, how am I supposed to test this? I don't want to lose my phone's configuration by reinstalling it with a dummy account just for testing. In the Developer Console under "Settings"-"License testing", I have added my email address under "GMail accounts with testing access", but this doesn't change anything... maybe I missed some simple way, but right now it feels very confusing!

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Meanwhile, I have helped myself by changing the SKU ID to "android.test.purchased" (see http://developer.android.com/google/play/billing/billing_testing.html ) that allows to "kind of" walk through the purchase process and play a bit around with it.

However, this is not a smooth solution in my opinion and only partially satisfying as the developer doesn't see what a 'real' user sees and experiences, but rather receives some result codes from a black box with a fake name (it is even titled that way) and can't make it beyond the Google Play interface.

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How do you reset the purchase of this special SKU ID ? Also, it seems I always get an error for the onQueryInventoryFinished method of QueryInventoryFinishedListener interface. How come? –  android developer Jan 4 at 16:35
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A developer cannot purchase anything from herself. To fully test, you will need to create a test account in the Developer Console and then install your app on a device where that is the primary account. There is no other way. See http://developer.android.com/google/play/billing/billing_testing.html

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As @richy said, adding a test account didn't work for me as well. I tried purchasing a subscription. –  kilaka Dec 17 '13 at 15:27
My problem was that I had connected several gmail-accounts with my device and among them was the developer account. Once i removed it, it worked for me. –  user2422321 Feb 28 at 16:41
What if I want to have the app installed as a regular user too, and wish to see that the purchasing works fine? Why shouldn't I be able to do so? –  android developer Mar 16 at 7:26
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I had fixed this issue by:
1. Using Signed apk
2. I had not activated in-app products, means they were in Inactive mode

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I was facing same error, now solved there were two main reasons of my failure:
1. I had not activated in-app products, means they were in Inactive mode
2. If you want to test, you must add Beta testers.

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I think the reason you got this result is because you ran the app in development environment.

To test in-app billing, you'll need to sign the app. See more info here and here.

This is indeed a nuisance and prolongs the dev cycle :(

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Whoever down voted the answer, please provide feedback so me and others could collaborate better. Thanks. –  kilaka Feb 5 at 13:23
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