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I have a link as follows:

<h:link outcome="/Pages/Public/producthome.jsf?cid=6">cagtegoryName</h:link>

When I want to try pass the category ID by URL, it shows the following error:

WELD:00032 conversation not found for restoring id 1

If I just simply write the link as follows

<h:link outcome="/Pages/Public/producthome.jsf">categoryName</h:link>

then it works fine. What did I wrong in the first link?

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It seems the url param name cid is recognized as conversationId. Please try changing the name of the parameter. For an example

<h:link outcome="/Pages/Public/producthome.jsf?catid=6">cagtegoryName</h:link>
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Thanks bro !! finally i have fixed my problem !! – Hirren Gamit Jan 8 '13 at 12:20

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