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How can the following be accomplish in Magento?

Display a "Hello World" message using a controller/view/model approach. So, if I went to http://mysite.com/myController it would show the string 'Hello World'. Being able to show this string within the template of my website (for example, the header, footer, etc.) will be a bonus.

How to add a method to this controller (or a new controller if necessary), which interacts with a model, and performs the query Select * FROM articles where id='10' and returns the row (containing the columns id, title, content) to the controller?

And then use the controller to include a view, which would display this row. So going to http://site.com/myController/show_row (or something similar) would display the row within a view. (No need to be fancy, just a echo $row->id; or something similar would work.)

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Your best option is to start with the long and detailed Alan Storm tutorial: Magento for PHP MVC Developers. Once you are done, continue with all the other subjects on that same site, as for example, magento API, magento config, etc.

Then, check all the questions and answers here in SO under the magento tag. Take a look too on the Magento community boards.

And last but not least, there are plenty of tutorials around there, do some searches on your preferred search engine and you will find a lot.

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