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I'm trying to get music to play on my app but I've hit a problem which I can't figure out. When I first load the program, it works fine and the music loads and plays. If I let the phone idle and then come back to it, the app works again. But the third time I let it idle and return, the mediaplayer will return a null and crash the app on resuming. Here is the code for the mediaplayer:

    public void startMusic(Context context)
    if (music != null){
        if (music.isPlaying()){
        music = null;

    music = MediaPlayer.create(context, R.raw.song);

    musicPlaying = true;   

The app will crash when it hits the music.setLooping(true); line of code, saying that music is null.

Any ideas?

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Check the logcat output. There should be an exception in the MediaPlayer class that will give you a hint about why the creation failed. –  Michael Jan 3 '13 at 13:49

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It turns out I was releasing the music in the wrong place. I was doing it in the view, when I should have been doing it in the activity.

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