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How do I manually draw those toolbar buttons that act as tabs? I mean the control in the top of this window (see below). I think technically they are radiobuttons placed on a toolbar, or at least they evolved from that.

Is there any HITheme* API to draw them? Or do I have to use CoreUI? I tried CUIDraw with kCUIWidgetButtonSegmentedSCurve, but that just gives an ordinary segmented toolbar button (like on top of a finder window). What I'm looking for is the "settings tab" version:

enter image description here

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Use NSToolbar + set of NSToolbarItems with "selectable" property set. This will do the trick. screenshot

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Thanks a billion times! I thought this was related to the "Autovalidates" option. –  Bruno Philipe May 17 '14 at 2:24
Downvoted because the question is about drawing manually (using HITheme or CoreUI), not using Cocoa. –  bwindels Jan 9 at 14:54

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