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I have inhereted a Direct x project which I am trying to improve. The problem I am having is that I have 2 meshes and I want to move one independent of the other. at the moment I can manipulate the world matrix simply enough, but I am unable to rotate an indervidual mesh.

 V( g_MeshLeftWing.Create( pd3dDevice, L"Media\\Wing\\Wing.sdkmesh", true));

loades the mesh and later it is rendered

renderMesh(pd3dDevice, &g_MeshLeftWing );

Is there a way I can rotate the mesh. I tried transforming it using a matirx with no success?


any help would be great

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The problem could lie everywhere, you should try to add some more information. Normally you can set a different worldmatrix for each mesh and render it, but i don't know how your framework works. What matrix does it use for rendering, how can it be manipulated, and so on... –  Gnietschow Jan 3 '13 at 18:33

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Firstly, you appear to be loading a ".sdkmesh" file. It was documented heavily in the DirectX SDK that ".sdkmesh" was made for the SDK and should not be used as an actual mesh loading/drawing solution.

Therefore I would advise you start looking at alternative means to load and draw your model, not only will that give you a greater understanding of DirectX, but it should ultimately answer your question in the long run!

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