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Can somebody help me with situation when I need not accurate value in dimension values and some dynamic range values but not predefined? For example if I want get all products with price less then 1000 but more than 700. How to configure this situation in pipeline or with Assembler API?

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In the pipeline, you can define a Dimension values of Type: range, so long as you know the range in advance.

In order to retrieve an arbitrary range you can do so with the following query parameter:

Nf=p_PRICE|BTWN 0 100 (for a range)
Nf=p_PRICE|LTEQ 100  (for all < 100)
Nf=p_PRICE|GTEQ 100  (for all > 100

Good luck

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It works! Thanks for answer! – Maryan Jan 4 '13 at 15:16

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