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Where do I have to put sql lite database in order to work with it with an application that access it using a sql lite script similar the following? :

function GetComuni(dbName,sqlStmt)
        if (!window.openDatabase) {
            alert('Databases are not supported on this device. Sorry', 'error');
        } else {
            var db;
            var version = '1.0';
            var maxSize = 102400;

            db = window.openDatabase(dbName, version, dbName, maxSize);

                function (tx) {
                    tx.executeSql(sqlStmt, [], function (tx, result) {
                            var schemanode = document.GetElementById('COMUNI');
                            schemanode.innerHTML = "";
                            dataset = result.rows;
                            for (var i = 0, item = null; i < dataset.length; i++) {
                                item = dataset.item(i);
                                var notediv = document.createElement('div');
                                notediv.innerHTML = 'Codice Provincia:' + item['PROVINCIA'] + 'Nome:' + item['NAME'];

Thanks in advance, Simone

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you don't need to put the database anywhere. When your application calls window.openDatabase(), the system determines where to save the DB.

However I do see a problem in your code snippet. You call db.transaction immediate after db = window.openDatabase(). Since both of these statements are asyncronous, there is no guarantee that the database has been opened by the time you start a transaction.

Here's a working example that might help you get started?

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