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i'm looking for a solution, either in linux or in windows, that allows me to

  • record video (+audio) from my webcam & microphone, simultaneously.
  • save it as a file.AVI (or mpg or whatever)
  • display the video on the screen while recording it

Compression is NOT an issue in my case, and i actually prefer to capture RAW and compress it later.

So far i've done it with an ActiveX component in VB which took care of everything, and i'd like to progress with python (the VB solution is unstable, unreliable).

so far i've seen code that captures VIDEO only, or individual frames...

I've looked so far at

  • OpenCV - couldn't find audio capture there
  • PyGame - no simultaneous audio capture (AFAIK)
  • VideoCapture - provide only single frames.
  • SimpleCV - no audio
  • VLC - binding to VideoLAN program into wxPthon - hopefully it will do (still investigating this option)
  • kivy - just heard about it, didn't manage to get it working under windows SO FAR.

The question - is there a video & audio capture library for python?

or - what are the other options if any?

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I would recommend ffmpeg. There is a python wrapper.


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i didn't see how ffmpeg can also be used to display the video while it's being recorded. (e.g. it's possible to embed vlc into wxpython, or as standalone borderless window) –  Berry Tsakala Jan 10 '13 at 12:38

I've been looking around for a good answer to this, and I think it is GStreamer...

The documentation for the python bindings is extremely light, and most of it seemed centered around the old 0.10 version of GStreamer instead of the new 1.X versions, but GStreamer is a extremely powerful, cross-platform multimedia framework that can stream, mux, transcode, and display just about anything.

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i no longer need this, but thank you anyway –  Berry Tsakala Apr 14 '14 at 6:18

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