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i am trying to override the opacity of ui-disabled in my app to have a not focusable textfield with white text that i can change per js (<disabled="true">).

i don't know if it will work on all browsers with the opacity set to 1

or how to use the suggestion on this page exactly (on mobileinit or as a css-file and how about the semantics):

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Possibly something like: .ui-disabled { color:red !important; } – Andy Jan 3 '13 at 14:11
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You can override jQuery Mobile's CSS with your own. Include a stylesheet after jqm's in your html, or use a style=... attribute on your html tag — either will override the default. Hence the Cascading in Cascading Style Sheets.

I highly recommend using the developer tools built into most browsers. In Chrome, for example, right-click anything in a web page and select Inspect Element. It will show you the computed CSS for the element, including which styles came from which CSS file, which were overridden by other stylesheets, etc. You can even edit the styles in the tool and see what changes would look like.

Here you can see the stylesheet f.css overrides several properties from the jqm stylesheet, which sets them in several places and overrides itself with various classes:

css inspector

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Thank you - I was able to find the sheet i`ve searched for via chrome! great! – Nils Wommelsdorf Jan 23 '13 at 11:10

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