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I'm planning to create an android application which needs to be run on tablet devices only. If so, in which folder I have to create the layouts?

  • res/layout or
  • res/layout-large

I'll put the screen restrictions in the manifest file. If I have to keep the layout files in res/layout-large, can I remove the folder res/layout? Which is the best way to create tablet only android app's layouts? Please guide me.

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Always search first. This previous question should answer this for you:… –  anthropomo Jan 3 '13 at 14:41
@anthropomo: I searched a lot, I clearly mentioned in my question that I'll put screen restriction in manifest file. What I asked is in which folder we have to keep the layout files if the app is going to design only for tablets. I know we have to keep layouts in layout-large folder for tablets, but I didn't have any idea in the case of tablet only app. That's why I asked. –  Nirmal Raghavan Jan 3 '13 at 15:02

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If your target are only tablets you can use res/layout straight, if you are supporting different layouts for different tablets (large / xlarge / etc..) then use the folder with qualifier.

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