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Ive recently begun learning C and am trying to write a password data protection program. Im writing a function which should test to see if a file, password.txt exists if it doesnt it will get a null value and then ask the user to set a master password and to repeat. However it doesnt allow the user to repeat the password. Any tips? - Cheers (Keep in mind just C not C++)

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#define MAX_LENGTH 99

int main(void){

    /*Variable Declaration*/
    char password[] = "Lakaka";


    printf("Welcome to Fort-Knox.");

return 0;

int masterPassword(void){
    /*Password Comparison Variables*/
    char password[MAX_LENGTH];
    char password1[MAX_LENGTH];

    if (fp == NULL){
        printf("Choose a master password:\n");
        scanf("%c", password);
        printf("Please repeat password:\n");
        scanf("%c", password1);

        if (password == password1){
            printf("Password Accepted.");
            fp = fopen("password.txt", "w+");
            printf("File Created");
            return 0;

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Use %s not %c as format specifier, when reading a string. %c only reads a single character.

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ah OK thanks I though I had to use %c for char as the variable is defined as char. Sorry =( –  Dragan Marjanovic Jan 3 '13 at 14:38

Your formatting specifier is wrong.

This is also wrong:

if (password == password1)

this will only compare the arrays converted to pointers. You need to compare character-by-character, by calling strcmp():

if( strcmp(password, password1) == 0 )
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I didn't know I cant compare them like that C is only my second language Python being my first, Thanks. –  Dragan Marjanovic Jan 3 '13 at 14:36

use "%s" instead of "%c"

%c is for only 1 character

%s is for string

scanf("%s", password);
scanf("%s", password1);
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you need to do

scanf("%s", password);

and to compare use :


it´s always more safe :)...

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