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Below is my SQL Statement, I am Unable to Convert to LINQ

select o.CustId,c.CustName,Count(o.CustId) as Total_Orders from Customer c 
inner join Orders o on c.CustId = o.CustId group by o.CustId,c.CustName
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What have you tried? –  Grant Thomas Jan 3 '13 at 15:02
Group by using linq. –  Magnus Jan 3 '13 at 15:13

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What about something like this?

var query = db.Customers.Select(c => new 
                    CustId = c.CustId,
                    CustName = c.CustName,
                    Total_Orders = db.Orders.Where(o => o.CustId == c.CustId).Count()
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Please try:

    var query = from c in Customer
            join o in Orders 
            on c.CustId 
            equals o.CustId 
            group x by new {o.CustId, c.CustName} 
            into g
                select new 
                  Total_Orders = g.Count()
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var query = from c in context.Customers
            select new
                Orders = c.Orders.Count(),
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Following is the LINQ query (db is EntityFramework DBContext).

var query =  from c in db.Customers
             join o in db.Orders on c.CustId equals o.CustId into g
             groupby new { CustID = c.CustId, CustName=c.CustName } into gs
             select new { CustID = gs.Key.CustId, CustName=gs.Key.CustName, Count= gs.Count() } into gs
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