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Just like in the title. I need to add to src attribute in a lot of files this line in the beginning: - "http://media.cdn.com/"

So for example I got: -


I would like to change it to: -


How can i achieve that ? To add additional string ("http://media.cdn.com/")in the beginning of a lot of src attributes ?

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What have you tried? And what language are you using? –  Rohit Jain Jan 3 '13 at 15:18
I got about 800 files in directory (static html files). All i what to do is to add to all src attributes in all those files ''media.cdn.com/''; at the begining of each src attribute. I tried something like this: (?<=src=')(.*)(?=') butthat will erase content in src attribue and replace that with media.cdn.com –  born2fr4g Jan 3 '13 at 15:46

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Using simple sed command:

sed "sXsrc=\"Xsrc=\"http://media.cdn.com/Xg"
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Apply regex to multiple files at once:

$ perl -p -i -e 's/src="\/([^"]+)"/src="http:\/\/media.cdn.com\/\1"/g' *
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