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I want to save user settings for my firefox add-on in a variable which can be accessible any time I want. It should not get vanished on browser clos. Now how can I do it?

I have tried "simple-storage" module of firefox, it works fine until I quit my browser. When I quit my browser, "simple-storage"s wipes out. So I can't use it.

I have also tried "io/text-streams" module but when I try to use this module in "firefox add-on builder"

var io = require("io/text-streams");
io.write("write it");

I am getting this error:

XPI not built

ModuleNotFoundError: unable to satisfy: require(io/text-streams) from /tmp/tmpePRdMr/addon-sdk-1.12/packages/sadaf2605-4/lib/main.js:2: Looked for it in: /tmp/tmpePRdMr/addon-sdk-1.12/packages/sadaf2605-4/lib/io/text-streams.js /tmp/tmpePRdMr/addon-sdk-1.12/lib/io/text-streams.js 

Most probably, I would need to install some packages, do the user who will be using my add-on, do they also need to install those packages on their browser?

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Apparently you are testing your add-on with cfx run. The documentation explains why simple-storage appears broken and how to solve it.

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actually I have made xpi using cfx xpi, still it is not working! I have also removed initialization of that variable. – sadaf2605 Jan 4 '13 at 9:25
Could you post some actual code of what you do with simple-storage? – paa Jan 4 '13 at 12:43

Try saving your settings in localStorage object (HTML5) .Your values wont vanish after the session is closed ......

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